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International Diesel Engines

International Diesel Engines are the worlds most popular Diesel Engines on the road to day and can be attributed to a Diesel Engine that is consistently Efficient, Durable, Dependable and “Clean” in terms of Emissions. International Diesel Engines are used in many various applications from Emergency Vehicles, 18-Wheel Transporters, & Heavy Industry Applications.

What is the Arrow Diesel Difference?

Quality, Reliability & Pricing. Our Company’s goal is to save Mechanics money without sacrificing expected reliability and engine durability on the road. OEM Spare Parts are exorbitantly high priced, claiming that the price premium is worth the extended “reliability” of the parts. This is just false and nothing more than marketing practices.

In truth, it is the manufacturing process and materials used that makes highly reliable & durable Diesel Engine Spare Parts. At Arrow Diesel, we manufacture our Diesel Spare Parts in the exact same processes’ of that of OEM Spare Parts. The end result are engine components that meet or exceed OEM specifications, however at significantly lower pricing!

With over 65+ years in manufacturing expertise and excellence in Engine Spare Parts, Arrow Diesel USA is proud to extend our brand of Diesel Parts to the N. American markets.